EWRG superior roof edge protection products and systems are designed for all commercial and residential building and construction needs. We design, manufacture, sell and hire standard and bespoke systems, so height workers stay safe on the job – no matter what the job.

At the forefront of the guardrail industry for over 20 years, EWRG has continued to move with industry trends and deliver innovations and productivity gains to clients. We are now proud to introduce our Systems Catalogue – detailing all parts available for commercial and residential roof edge protection.

Click here to download your EWRG SYSTEMS CATALOGUE


Geared for high performance, EWRG offers customers a range of services to enhance productivity, improve industry-wide compliance to certified standards and provide innovative roof safety solutions to the building and construction industry. Our systems for commercial and residential roof edge protection and handrail protection are engineered to meet AS: 4994.1. Engineering certificates are supplied with all purchases. 


For more information contact us on: 1300 368 646 or email us at: reception@ewrg.com.au