The EWRG RAIL WALL system consists of 5 rails to completely enclose the open area, acting like a wall of protection. Offering flexibility and affordability, RAIL WALL can be installed when the slab floor has been poured. Once up, all other external protection can be removed.

Up until now, all edge protection suppliers have used standard edge protection systems, comprising 2 or 3 rails and a kick board. These systems fail to fully protect workers when they are operating at heights above the third rail on fit-out installations such as commercial air-conditioning and electrical projects.

To overcome the gap, EWRG has devised the RAIL WALL.

Key Benefits

-> Offers an alternative to wrapping the entire building.

-> No external protection is required once this system is in place, lessening the time required for external protection.

-> Workers have the assurance of full protection inside the building before external, windows, panelling or walls are installed.

-> A long-term safety solution for all fit-outs. Quick return on investment on purchases.

-> Several designs are available now and EWRG can tailor a design to suit your situation.

-> New spinoff systems are also in the final design and engineering

-> Height safety solutions to hire or buy


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